Where is the best location for seeking an arrangement?

Where is the best location for an Arrangement?

You may think that this is a peculiar question for those of you who live in the USA. But for those of you who live in Europe, London or Dubai this question is of some importance. Now many of us are acutely aware of the scarcity of men and the concentration of wealth capitals in these locations.

The scarcity of men is evident in many Eastern European and Russian countries where ratios of women to men being 4:1 at least. It also so happens that the countries within these regions have the most modelling agencies and winners of Miss Universe to boot. Not bad odds if you are seeking an arrangement, short or long term relationship.

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However the concentration of wealth is situated elsewhere which makes for an interesting adventure and cocktail of attractive women and rich men.

Typically we find London, Dubai, Monaco and Marbella as being hot spots for the rich and famous. These locations are used as meeting places for business and pleasure while focusing on the luxury aspect to bring the two together.

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A prestige arrangement couldn’t be a more perfect fit to slot into ones life and maybe lead to something more permanent. Should you wish

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