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From A Pretty Woman to A Prestige Arrangement – What’s your Price?

From A Pretty a Prestige Arrangement – What’s your Price ?

We’ve all watched or at least remember the film Pretty Woman starring Richards Gere and Julia Robert. If you haven’t then never mind I will get to the point – successful rich business man meets attractive escort. Now the moral compass on someone’s lifestyle choice or motives is not the purpose here. Everyone has their own reasons.

How a man and women meet and will eventually end up in life is never as straight forward as we would predict or envisage. The common theme for meeting a partner in the pre-Internet era was in one of a handful of scenarios either in a bar, club, work or through mutual friends. Now the benefits of the above options are obvious as well as the pitfalls. Meeting the partner of your dreams or satisfying your own inner needs using other services is not a sin and no longer do we need to pretend to want what other people want for us.

In many ways monogamy is a product of society and control however wanting to be free from monogamy should not be frowned upon. Some people experience that monogamy desire at some point in their lives sometimes it’s fleeting and temporary at other times it can be more longer term. Their are many factors that shape social relationship behaviors between men and woman depending on social status, money, peers, country, culture, upbringing etc. we are all ultimately seeking something more than a partner for life. Some of us are ok with companions and female buddies, sometimes with benefits others want a more serious relationship or even just a girlfriend experience.

When Richard Geres character Edward Wood a wealthy successful business man met Vivian a high class escort played by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman I doubt that he was seeking a long term relationship with a woman he just met on the street and she was hardly having romantic inclinations during late night working hours. The point is you need to give up on living in the box and believing the same mainstream popular beliefs about dating, arrangements and relationships in general. Learn to be a free thinker, to have fun and adventure, to be as generous with your time as you are with your gifts.  You will see when you give without expecting the universe gives back 100 times more in return.