brexit seeking luxury

Post Brexit Luxury Dating Scene

Post Brexit what will the Luxury London dating scene look like.

Let’s not forget that while yes the UK did marginally vote to leave the EU, London did not.

For many EU citizens and business men London has been the central meeting place for those seeking an arrangement while doing business in the capital. London is simply put the money central capital of the world with hundreds of billions of dollars transacted everyday in the city, with over 200 different languages spoken by citizens from all over the world.

brexit seeking luxury


In one way or another if you are a HNWI you will have either travelled to or through London for a taste of Luxury. That luxury can take the form or arrangements, dating, VIP events or whatever else one chooses for their lifestyle kicks. Of course there are other countries such as Dubai which has an altogether different level of prestige and indulgence but even during the summer months Dubai and Emirates descend upon London Mayfair and Knightsbridge in particular. The point is I truly believe that London will not only be a place of choice of millionaire sugar daddies, it will surely become a playground of billionaires magnets and their wealth.

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London has simply the grip of the world in its hands and always has been the trading centre of the world. At one point 25% of the worlds trade was controlled by the British empire. Even during booms and busts London’s value has commanded a premium. So as far as dating and luxury you have everything at your finger tips and within short reach. The elites and those seeking luxury will still gravitate towards London in one shape or form.