Luxury Arrangement Seeking hookup

Money & Love A Complicated Relationship

Does love really exist or is it a poor but justifiable excuse for settling for an average existence deprived of luxury and the finer things in life.

We are all hard wired as humans to seek out the best, grow and develop. This has been the neanderthal mans way of evolution  from where we have found new ways of communicating travelling and building. But what about love.

In some cultures Arrangements or Arranged Marriages are the alternative norm. Some families go as far as seeking arrangements in foreign countries such the UK, USA, India and much of the UAE etc for their young sons and daughters. The two families agree behind close doors when and how the man and young woman shall meet and voila an Arrangement is made. Sounds like Modern day Matchmaking, so tell me how different this is today’s arrangements or dating style between successful ambitious guys and attractive girls.

The singer Ella Fitzgerald hit the sweet spot in her infamous summertime song with her lyric “Your Daddy’s Rich and mothers good looking”. The only thing missing was sugar daddy, perhaps she had foresight or maybe things haven’t changed since. The only difference now is that we as adults get to choose from a multitude of sources when looking for a prospective partner and options from hookups, companions or arrangement sites in all shapes and sizes. But in essence whether it’s dating or a luxury arrangement we all have a secret agenda at least from the beginning. What follows may undoubtedly be much more or less about love than money.

There is unfortunately no cut and dry answer to this puzzle and it all comes down to individual choices and expectations of whether money rules the world or love conquers everything. If you choose to follow a particular path then you will the product of your experiences and not a victim of your circumstances. This all requires a change of mindset but start today and tomorrow a change will come.

You Only Live Once YOLO