How it works

With Prestige Arrangements, convenience is the name of the game. Our customers deserve top-level service and they also deserve to get it on their terms. That’s why we allow them to pick the type of membership that best fits their personality and objectives, while providing them with a level of assurance that no other dating site can offer.

Prestige Arrangements functions as an international dating site, with members able to contact each other and exchange messages or photos. This is a simple, direct and discreet way to get in touch with pretty girls or successful men that suit your ideals for a partner.

Our up to date VIP event calendar covers major cities across the world! If two members share an interest in an event, securing the tickets can be done instantly through our network of international concierges. This option allows for a luxurious first or second date, which can really set the tone for the relationship to come

Members can upgrade their accounts at any moment and ask for our assistance in the matchmaking process. We Partner with a global network of professional Matchmakers who will work with you to identify a suitable partner and arrange a meeting at one of our international offices in London or New York.

Please note that a luxury arrangement is a flexible and safe way to date new people, even if the partners don’t live in the same country. Both sides have a say in the process, while our portal is simply there to streamline the communication.