Finding a companion in a foreign country is not as complicated as you think

Expats just arriving to a new country often struggle to connect with locals early on, but it doesn’t have to be that way if they are smart enough to use an arrangement agency.

Motivated by lower price of living and a chance to soak in new cultural influences, numerous people from UK, Canada, U.S.A and other countries move overseas to start a new chapter of their lives. Finding an apartment and organizing business affairs is usually simple enough for them to continue their careers normally without skipping a beat. Private matters might be more challenging in this situation, since meeting new people is not so simple when you barely speak a few words of the local language.

The period of adjustment is longer the further you are from home – expats in Dubai (UAE) probably have more hurdles to clear than those living in Vilnus, Lithuania. Cultural norms dictate how you behave in public and these are not the same in Western Europe as in the Arab world or post-Soviet space. The confusion what you can and can’t do can be paralyzing, so it isn’t rare for people living abroad to suddenly become far more cautious when it comes to social contacts, even if they are not shy by nature. In a nutshell, most of those who reside in a foreign country would benefit from having a way to bridge the cultural gap and establish communication with interesting individuals from their new environment.

One way to solve this riddle is to go through professional agency that specializes in global matchmaking. In every large town, there are hundreds of attractive young women (and men) seeking arrangement with affluent and pleasant-looking foreigners and Prestige Arrangements can put you in contact with enough of them to make a good choice of partner regardless of your location. We are not talking about vultures and cheats who are trying to scheme you – all of the members in our database are certified and they are typically very open-minded people motivated to expand their worldviews and acquire new experiences. In other words, the needs are complementary and it doesn’t take much for a spark to develop.

This method for finding companions certainly beats random midnight visits to bars and dance clubs or clumsy attempts to flirt in the street. It allows you to overcome the language barrier (vast majority of members speak good English) and connect with as many potential partners as you’d like. Since our network spreads out from Latvia to Spain and beyond, you’ll even have a chance to continue dating with no interruption if you decide to change residence again. Arranged liaisons are compatible with the nomadic lifestyle many people enjoy, and it is logical to expect this channel to become far more popular as expats grow more familiar with its specific advantages. Many of those who tried it once claim it was a very good decision that helped them unlock a new city and made their stay far more pleasurable.