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Is Prestige Arrangements only for Elite Singles?

Not True!

In a nutshell it is easy to claim that the prestige arrangement site is dedicated for an the upper elite of society – The Top 1%. However do I really have to be a millionaire, well of course not and I really dislike the dating terms such as seeking millionaire. It puts everything into such a small bracket and It’s branded around so freely these days that it lacks the class and credibility, rather than conjure associations with money and wealth it feels evidently cheap. You see people that have money don’t need to say it.  Actions and lifestyle say it all.


Perhaps I live in Dubai or London and I’m coming to another major city and I want to enjoy some of the finer luxury things the city has to offer. I want to meet new people, dine at a top restaurant, attend an event. I’m may not consider myself a millionaire but maybe I can label myself as one of the new generation of elite singles. Being a millionaire in cash, assets or on paper can be completely different things. One thing is for sure that millionaires don’t walk around with labels on themselves. It’s up to you find out if the single that you are interested in meets your expectations. Can he or she treat you in a way which you expect and or give me what I want from this arrangement or relationship.


You choose who to connect with and you choose how high you set your bar. Live your life to your lifestyle rules and you will be happier. Whether using the labels elite single or Millionaire you can be assured that seeking an alternative arrangement is the first step towards meeting your type of perfect match.