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Indecent Proposals or Calendar Girl

Indecent Proposals or Calendar Girl – How far would you go?

We are all born with a mission in life and purpose yet we do not necessarily have all the right cards to win the game and achieve that mission in the beginning. Some may say that our destiny is based upon the zodiac calendar but if you choose to believe that then your fate is sealed and what’s the point in trying to be more ambitious, more successful more happier. Just give up? or is there an alternative

You can choose to have a life based upon Circumstances, Choices or the Calendar the THREE C’s. I’m guessing there are other C’s you could use but lets keep it strictly clean:)

We all grew up with the dreams of living a particular lifestyle and taking a path that was chosen for us by our parents or to live a life according to a fascination of a famous celebrity during our childhood. But what about the young girl who always wanted to be a doctor, a vet or albeit a movie star or any other profession for that matter. The point is we are all goal orientated and the pursuit of dreams of success and happiness can sometimes be a challenging path to walk.  Things are thrown at us unexpectedly and can derail us but this is “project destiny” at work as I call it.

This parallel can be drawn with the latest novel by New York Times Best Selling Author Audrey Carlan – Life. This is a fascinating example albeit fictional, succinctly putting into place the unexpected headwinds and tribulations of Mia a young woman who is put into an untenable position through circumstances beyond her control to work as companion to pay off a million dollar debt. This and Audrey Carlan’s Calendar girl series of books goes straight to the heart of modern day big city life symbolizing luxury arrangements, travel, money, men and much much more. Audrey’s story telling and narration intertwines a needs must attitude for her characters seeking an escape or opportunity to do whatever it takes to reach a goal in life. A Great book and an essential read.