Luxury Seeking London Arrangement

A Beginners Guide to a Luxury Arrangement and more…

A Beginners Guide to a Luxury Arrangement and more..

Let’s get back to basics about how to find a Luxury Arrangement.

Now the honesty is the best policy approach will take you far with to a world of luxury, excitement and freedom.

The typical dating site is based upon many false promises and ideals. Many people claim to be seeking one thing while secretly wanting something completely different. If this expectation is not set from the beginning the potential for romance or that first arrangement is missed.

More often than not its always been the case that men are looking for a woman to at least hookup first and get to know a woman before anything else can sparkle. Men like to walk before the run – Its surely evolutionary.

However, if you want a relationship either in the short or long term the number 1 tip is. Don’t mention relationship. This goes for both sides. Its important to note that an Arrangement is perfectly acceptable and a Prestige Arrangement can lead to more than just hookups or companionship if both parties are heading in that direction.

Top Tips

  • Look for fun and luxury because after all chivalry is still alive and going Dutch on a restaurant check really isn’t pleasant.
  • Get to know the person online and Arrange a “date” but again don’t label it a “date”. It’s an awkward word and can have a devastating affect on the outcome of the meetup.
  • Since it’s a Prestige Arrangement we have a number of recommended bars, restaurants and VIP events which can act as suitable icebreakers in London, Dubai, LA and major cities worldwide.

In summary a Prestige Arrangement has the following benefits and steps:

  • Search online for someone who has the same interests, holiday destination and a lifestyle you desire.
  • Arrange a meetup (remember don’t call it a date)
  • Use the Prestige Arrangement Lifestyle Calendar to ensure that your not being short changed. Sorry guys Coffee at Starbucks or dinner at McDonalds doesn’t quite equal Luxury. Don’t be cheap!
  • Act as a companion to each other and try to find a sparkle and chemistry that would make you feel excited and wanted. A good listener is always very attractive.

Never ask for money this is crude but accepting Gifts is acceptable and encouraged. Again guys be kind and generous, women be feminine and sexy.

You see it’s easy when you follow these concepts.

So That’s it. Now stop reading this and signup and find a companion who fits your goals and expectations and see where the journey takes you.

Have fun and live life to the fullest.