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Who Benefits the most from an Arrangement

seeking luxury arrangement londonSo who really benefits the most from an Arrangement

This question has been asked by both genders and on the surface being a mans world we tend to always accuse the man of exploitation. But surely this can’t all be about men seeking women for their own ends and woman not benefiting from this arrangement.

After all there are two sides to this story. If it’s purely transnational then one can say that this isn’t an arrangement but an escort service. Maybe yes men are exploiting there opportunities and money with these vulnerable woman. However, this picture portrayed of a vulnerable women is not always the case. In fact love and money have always had a complicated relationship in particular with widespread popular media sensationalism.

A Woman looking for an arrangement dates back to ancient times where men would be the hunters and providers. The woman would be choosing the man who best fits her goals of a defender and provider. In the 21st Century this has mutated into Luxury gifts and lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief the choices are made by women moreover than men these days.  A women who plays her role with either a sugar daddy or rich guy in arrangement or relationship gets to live a life she can only imagine, watching Rich Wives of Beverly Hills and New York surely encourages these dreams and fascinations. Allowances can come as part of the whole package but which man expect a woman to pay for dinner at a restaurant, so lets question what we say when we judge too quickly and place labels on woman and men.

Luxury Arrangements that characterise wealth, opulence and prestige are the symbolisation of a perfect arrangement between both parties.  She benefits from the experience and lifestyle. He benefits from a choice of some of the hottest women from all over Europe all within reach.

Lets not over complicate life.

Live Love Luxury