What is a ‘Prestige Arrangement’?

Terminology used in the dating industry can often be too vague – and that’s why we want to clarify what exactly our company name implies. In a nutshell, we are offering a unique service and that’s why we devised a name that most accurately describes it.

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On another level, prestige arrangement signifies an agreement between two adult persons, based on common interests and mutual attraction. Our site serves only to make the connection and ensure that both parties are completely protected at all times, while the two people involved make all the decisions independently of our influence. An arrangement entails commitment, yet it doesn’t jeopardize anyone’s freedom

An arrangement can last one weekend, one month or a full lifetime – and anything in between, of course. Some people are getting into this type of relationship just for fun, while others have more romantic inclinations. That’s the beauty of the whole concept – it gives everyone a chance to define what ‘a perfect date or relationship’ is and immediately experience it in real life. After all, your own definition of happiness is the only one that actually matters.

The term ‘prestige arrangement’ means a date that goes exactly according to plan in every detail from the moment the members interact online through to the first meeting and beyond. It is a reality and a meeting of like minds which defines the encounter with the added backdrop of a luxurious setting worthy of a special moment if you choose to make use of our Lifestyle Event Calendar. It is what dating and arrangements are supposed to be, but only a selected few ever get to experience it.

A hidden advantage of our service is that you don’t have to spend time and energy on planning and preparation. Our portal has an A-Z of upto date events on around major cities worldwide where we have teamed up with concierge services in London, New York and Dubai to supply you with tickets and a top class service should you wish to take advantage. This really is the complete 360 experience which can give you the lifestyle that you can only imagine.  As you might expect from our name, we make sure that our contributions and suppliers are first class and ensuring every aspect of our portal and service is second to none.

Our service is available in practically every large city on Earth and can be activated by a simple e-mail at any time through the site. Trying it firsthand is the only way to fully appreciate what it means to have a prestige arrangement with a breathtaking partner!