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Indecent Proposals or Calendar Girl

Indecent Proposals or Calendar Girl – How far would you go? We are all born with a mission in life and purpose yet we do not necessarily have all the right cards to win the game and achieve that mission in the beginning. Some may say that our destiny is based upon the zodiac calendar […]

Luxury Seeking London Arrangement

A Beginners Guide to a Luxury Arrangement and more…

A Beginners Guide to a Luxury Arrangement and more.. Let’s get back to basics about how to find a Luxury Arrangement. Now the honesty is the best policy approach will take you far with to a world of luxury, excitement and freedom. The typical dating site is based upon many false promises and ideals. […]

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From A Pretty Woman to A Prestige Arrangement – What’s your Price?

From A Pretty a Prestige Arrangement – What’s your Price ? We’ve all watched or at least remember the film Pretty Woman starring Richards Gere and Julia Robert. If you haven’t then never mind I will get to the point – successful rich business man meets attractive escort. Now the moral compass on someone’s […]

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